Our Board

Our Board consist of a variety of Specialists, Doctors and Finance members. The board is dedicated to Governance and ensuring we maintain a high level of patient care. It meets quarterly to ensure all all the standards of Governance are met. Southbank Day Surgery’s board is made up of Specialists, Doctors and Finance Members.

Management Team

We have a highly qualified and dedicated management team.

The team consists of Nurses and is made up of:

  • Executive Management
  • Clinical Nurse Management team

The Management team is dedicated to strong patient outcomes.

  • MAC

    The Medical Advisory Committee report to the board


  • CRC

    Credentialing Review Committee- this reports to the Board and ensure all Doctors and Specialists are accredited to the facility


  • Executive Team

    Strong leadership and result orientated

  • Clinical Nurse Management Team

    Addressing all Clinical issues for improved patient outcomes