After Surgery

After your surgery you’ll be in the first stage recovery area where a team of highly trained nurses will look after you. Once recovered you will go to the second stage recovery area where you are given a drink or something to eat and then, when fully recovered, you will be discharged.

Patients generally stay at the hospital for two to four hours post operation. This is dependent on your type of surgery and how well you recover.

All patients, regardless of type of anaesthesia, will receive written and verbal post operative instructions.

Light beverages are served dependent on the procedure you underwent.

Patient advice following General Anaesthesia or Intravenous Sedation
The anaesthetic will affect you for at least twenty four hours. It is therefore essential that a responsible person be with you overnight.

You should not:

  • undertake activity which requires the use of skill or judgment
  • drive a car or operate machinery
  • make any important decisions
  • travel alone
  • engage in exercise or heavy work
  • consume alcohol

Take your normal medication unless otherwise instructed by your Anaesthetist or Surgeon.

Pain relieving medication should be taken as prescribed by your doctor. A script may be provided if considered necessary. It is best to take pain relief when you start to feel discomfort. If your prescribed pain relief is not effective please contact your Surgeon.

Pain experienced at your injection site is expected to resolve without intervention.

Wound Care
Care of your surgical site will be explained on discharge.

Nausea and / or Vomiting
If you are experiencing any nausea or vomiting have a clear liquid diet only, eg. water or lemonade. Avoid milky fluids or fruit juice. Gradually introduce a light diet after a few hours. If post operative nausea or vomiting does not resolve, or escalates in severity or frequency please seek the advice of your Anaesthetist.

Sore throat
This may occur due to temporary measures taken by your Anaesthetist to assist your breathing during the operation and will usually disappear within twenty-four (24) hours.

This is common. Move slowly and carefully. Do not stand for prolonged periods or change position too quickly. Children should be restricted to quiet indoor activities.

Inability to Concentrate
Normal skills may be impaired for some time after the anaesthetic. This is a temporary side effect and is not a cause for alarm.

Children sometimes become irritable or weepy.

Post Operative Questions

  • You will be given the Surgeon’s and Anaesthetist’s contact numbers.
  • If you have any questions or problems relating to your surgery you should contact your Surgeon.
  • If you have any question or problems concerning your Anaesthetic, you should contact your Anaesthetist.
  • If you are unable to contact either doctor, contact your family doctor or an emergency department. Southbank Day Surgery staff are not present after hours to deal with your inquiry.

Medications and procedures will be explained to you and one of our staff will go through your post op instructions. For twenty four hours after surgery do not drive a car or make important decisions.