Preparing for Surgery

If you have any ongoing questions or concerns about the procedure or anaesthesia, these should be addressed before the day of your procedure with your Surgeon or Anaesthetist. Before giving your consent make sure you have received as much information as you require to make this decision.

Communicate with your Anaesthetists and doctor prior to your surgery regarding fasting times. Medication is to be taken as normal with a sip of water – bring all medications with you.

Admission / Consent Forms will be given to you by your Surgeon.

For any Dermatology / MOHS procedures, please complete the John Mooney Wing Consent Form.

Please complete and forward to Southbank Day Surgery as soon as practicable. Please answer all questions honestly to minimise risk to you or your child.

It is imperative that medical conditions are communicated to all healthcare professionals prior to the day of procedure.

Any child under the age of 18 must have an accompanying parent / guardian.

Please call 08 9368 7344 on the afternoon prior to your surgery to confirm your admission time. Any queries prior to the day of procedure can also be answered.

What to bring:

  • Any relevant X-rays.
  • Any letter from your doctor or Anaesthetist.
  • Health fund and medicare cards.
  • Any medication you are taking.
  • Spectacles / hearing aid and storage case.
  • Special dietary requirements if needed.
  • Comfortable clothing.