On the Day of Surgery

Should you be unable to keep your appointment please notify us as soon as possible.

The main reception is located at the second small driveway approximately 20 meters past the main parking area. The entrance to the MOHS and Dermatology area is on the right hand side on top of the ramp, West Entry.

Parking is available onsite, please refer to the map in the contact details section.

What to bring:

  • Any relevant X-rays.
  • Any letter from your doctor or Anaesthetist.
  • Health fund and medicare cards.
  • Any medication you are taking.
  • Spectacles / hearing aid and storage case.
  • Special dietary requirements if needed.

All patients undergoing General Anaesthesia or Intravenous Sedation must fast to reduce the potential for anaesthetic complications. Please communicate with your Anaesthetist regarding your fasting times.

Infection Prevention
Hand hygiene is the most important factor in reducing infection. You are invited to use the products supplied and are welcome to encourage your care givers to do the same. It is a quality and safety recommendation that patients shower / bath prior to admission.

Patient escort
It is imperative that all patients undergoing General Anaesthesia or Intravenous Sedation have a responsible adult to transport you home and be with you overnight. It is advisable that patients undergoing Local Anaesthesia have an escort home. The role of the carer will be recognised in the assessment, planning, delivery and review of your care. Your carer is invited to ask questions.

As a general rule most medicines and puffers should be given as usual. Exceptions are medications for diabetes and blood thinning. Please discuss with your Anaesthetist if you are taking either of these. Please bring your medications to the Day Surgery. Non-prescription or herbal medicines can sometimes cause interaction with anaesthetic agents, or may increase complications, including increased bleeding. Please stop them a week before, and tell us if your child is taking these medicines.


  • Wear comfortable warm clothing.
  • Please do not wear makeup or jewellery.
  • All piercings must be removed.

Do not bring valuables with you, however if you do, ask our staff to lock them away for you.
Southbank Day Surgery will not take responsibility for valuables brought to the hospital.

Paediatric Patient Consideration
Help your child know what to expect. Nearly all children coming to hospital respond well to a simple and honest explanation. Try also to reduce any parental anxiety.

Bring any special toys or comfort objects, which help to reduce child anxiety. Please also consider bringing spare clothes, nappies, or any special dietary requirements.

It is very important to inform staff of any previous bad medical experiences or specific fears your child may have (eg. fear of needles or masks).

Pre-operative Medication
An oral sedative medicine is sometimes used to help children relax before surgery. As well as being used as a relaxant it has an amnesic effect so any stressful moments will be quickly forgotten.

Parent Attendance
Many children stay relaxed if a parent comes with them to the operating room, so we usually allow a parent to be present until the child is asleep. Please respect that only one parent can accompany the child in the post operative areas. Please also make arrangements for your other children as your child will require your undivided attention.

Fasting means nothing to eat or drink, including chewing gum and lozenges.