We have a dedicated facility to ensure your surgery is a pleasant experience. You can be confident that our experienced and dedicated podiatrists with expertise in a variety of manual therapies, evidence based, medical and podiatry techniques will get you on the road to recovery with painless movement.

Podiatry is all about foot health and can act as a key tool in detecting other medical conditions. Podiatrists are qualified health professionals specialising in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and surgical conditions of feet and lower limbs.

The Podiatrist’s Scope of Practice includes paediatrics, diabetes, sports injuries, structural problems (biomechanics), treatment of the elderly and general foot care. The complex mechanics of feet (52 bones, a network of muscles, joints and ligaments) and a wide range of foot problems (over 200 identified conditions) demand professional expertise.

We ensure you get expert advice and treatment from our qualified professionals. Our equipment and theatres are equipped to meet your surgery and your needs.