Dermatology / MOHS

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During MOHS Surgery, the dermatologist who specialises in this procedure will remove the visible tumor. The tumor cells are then processed and placed on glass slides. The slides are examined by the same doctor under the microscope. If cancer cells are still detected in the tissue, another layer of skin is taken and examined as described above.

When the cancer is fully removed from all parts of the skin, the Doctor will assess the wound to establish a healing method. This is where the cosmetic portion of the surgery comes in to fix the wound. The Doctor usually uses sutures, or stitches to mend the wound.

The surgery is performed with the use of the local anaesthetic. This is a same day procedure. The usual duration of the procedure varies from several hours to a full day, depending on how many layers of cancerous cells need to be removed.

We have a highly specialised trained team of Doctors and Nurses.